AMAZING! Trump’s Plans Inauguration Day…See The SHOCKING DETAILS!

Trump is seen as a man who enjoys pomp and circumstance, with his big voice and showmanship, and we may expect nothing less from him than a grandiose Inauguration Day celebration.

However, Inauguration Day will be a little different this time, with the president-elect requesting a few changes.

He feels that the day belongs to the American people, and it is not about him at all, so he let them know how he wants the day to go down.


President-elect Donald J. Trump kicked around ideas for his inauguration in his office at Trump Tower on Tuesday with two of his oldest friends, Mark Burnett and Thomas Barrack Jr.

The details offered a brief glimmer of a sprawling inauguration, full of the kind of showmanship for which Mr. Trump is famous, that could shake up what has become a relatively predictable affair for recent presidents. According to some of the people overseeing the events surrounding Mr. Trump’s swearing-in as the 45th president, they also bore little resemblance to reality.

In fact, they said, Mr. Trump’s celebration would be a relatively subdued affair — marked by Mr. Trump’s own touches, to be sure, but in the mold of past affairs.

“It’s going the opposite way,” Mr. Barrack, the private equity investor who is leading the presidential inaugural committee, said in an interview. “The president-elect wants this to be simple. He wants this to be about the people.”

“It’s not about putting on the most expensive talent and spending that kind of money to ingratiate himself,” Mr. Barrack added.

It’s so refreshing to have a president again who puts the people first!

Source: NY TIMES